Linux Toys

Linux Toys...  are interesting I/O devices for Linux PCs and are used to amuse and entertain. Each article on this web site presents a short tutorial and application note on an I/O device.

The Code...  You won't find RPMs, ./configure, or even Makefiles. We strive to expose the device protocol in as few lines of code as possible. To do this, we sacrifice some functionality and some error checking. Most programs fit in a single file and are built using just gcc -o.

The articles usually describe things which are available at your local electronics store, but some articles describe do-it-yourself construction projects. (Be ready with a wire-wrap tool!)

These are just toys ....  they are 'for the fun of it' and are not always meant to solve real-world problems. If you do find a business use for any of these projects please let us know.


  "Linux" is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. (Thanks Linus!)