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Empty Event-Driven Daemon with CLI
The "Empty Event-Driven Daemon" (eedd) makes it easy to build programs that respond to external events. While intended for robotics, you may find it useful for network daemons as well. The defining feature of the empty daemon is that you can use command line tools to modify internal variables while the program is running. It also has a lightweight publish/subscribe mechanism for ASCII data.

A Short Tutorial on XMLHttpRequest()
Using JavaScript's XMLHttpRequest() you can asynchronously update a web page with the response to a web request. This short tutorial shows how to use XMLHttpRequest() to asynchronously display the output of a named pipe (FIFO) on a web page.

/dev/fanout : A One-To-Many Multiplexer
The fanout device is a FIFO that copies its input to all processes that are reading from it, making it a one-to-many multiplexer. Fanout may be that simple, broadcast IPC that you've been looking for.
A new version includes a bug fix and more comments by Edwin van den Oetelaar.